Products & Services

Banaszak Concrete takes great pride in our reputation and high-quality Concrete mixes. We incorporate a safety factor of 15% PSI into all of our mixes, insuring that you are getting the best Concrete for your project. We produce “straight bag” Concrete mixes without the use of cement substitutes such as fly ash or slag.

In addition to our Ready Mix Concrete and Block, we also supply:

  • High-Strength Super Mortar in bags (Cement)
  • High-Strength Pre-mix Mortar in bags (Cement)
  • Horizontal Joint Reinforcement (500′ bundles)
  • Cavity caps
  • Parking bumpers
  • Window sills (CastCrete)
  • Pre-cast lintels (CastCrete)

Concrete Additives
Specialty additives such as Fibermesh, Super Plasticizers, Corrosion Inhibitors, and a wide variety of Integral Concrete coloring products are always available.

Concrete Block
Our Davie facility manufactures over 25 varieties of Concrete Block. These are just a few of the block types we offer:

  • 8″ Mixed Regulars
  • 12″ Foundation Blocks
  • Forty-five Degree Block (45’s)
  • Column Blocks (several sizes available)
  • Solid Blocks

Project Coordination
Our Dispatch Department is able to arrange experienced subcontractors & crews, equipment, and other services to complete your project on schedule, without extra hassle to you.

  • Concrete Pumping equipment in any size from small line pumps up to large hydraulic boom pumps.
  • Concrete finishing crews for any size or scope of project.
  • Bobcat services – personnel and equipment.
  • Decorative Concrete crews for your stamped, topped, etched or other finish.
  • Expert Masonry crews
  • Masonry sand delivery

Are you looking for something that’s not mentioned above? Contact Banaszak Concrete and speak to one of our staff members.